21 Dec

Day 8

A Song That I Know All The Words To

Considering this falls into thousands of songs, as I am my own little jukebox, I thought I’d pick an obscure song that I thought people would enjoy..

Day 9

A Song That I Can [and do] Dance To

Dedicated to two of the coolest friends in the entire world, and the awesome dance party/singing fest we had on the way back from Dallas.


 Day 5A Song T…

20 Dec


Day 5

A Song That Reminds Me Of Someone

There is an abundance of these songs.
This is just one I can’t get out of my head for special reasons.


Day 6

A Song That Reminds Me of Somewhere

Cliché, but get over it.
I don’t even need to say why this song is the one I chose..right? 


Day 7

A Song That Reminds Me Of An Event

Thank you, one of my exes, for asking me to be exclusive to this song.
It’s extra special thanks to you, even if we weren’t meant to be.
You filled my mind with many sweet memories and my heart with a different type of love.
You’ll forever be apart of me ❤

234 <3

16 Dec

Day 2:

My least favorite song

The fact that Boyce can cover this and I still hate it so much speaks volumes.

I could have probably come up with a better song that is my least favorite, but it’s not one I want to think about for a long time.

day 03:

 A Song That Makes Me Happy

Seriously, I can’t get enough of this song, or this man, or this music video.

Day 04:

A Song That Makes Me Sad

Get your tissues out 🙂

This is one of the only songs that makes me want to cry, or makes me actually cry, every time I listen to it – but I’m addicted to listening to it. You can just hear it in his voice, you can feel the pain.. it’s brilliantly moving to me.

Here we go again

13 Dec

So, I have decided for my sanity I am going to start my music blog again.

It gives me time to enjoy music and take time for myself to do this, plus I love to have everyone let me know that I introduce them to awesome artists or give them some good music to jam out to 🙂

I think to start it again I’m gonna do the 30 day music challenge I tried to do last time before I dropped off the face of the earth.

Sooooooo…. enjoy!

Day 1: What Is Your Favorite Song Right Now?

This is super hard for me to even begin to pick. I’m putting two and you’re going to have to deal with it. I’m obsessed with Trevor Hall and Tegan and Sara right now – and they both have too many songs that I relate to, which works out quite well.

So, I’ve loved Trevor Hall for a few years and now that my best friends are also obsessed with him I can never get him out of my head. So, I am going to do my best not to post a million of his songs to this blog all the time.

No matter how many times I watch that acoustic version of that song I cry. I am a puss, but I love it.

This post feels awkward.

Let’s try this again tomorrow with a bit more fluidity.

See ya later alligator.